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Vacuum and Pressure Switch VSi makes Vital Process Data VisibleVideo 153

Vacuum and Pressure Switch VSi makes Vital Process Data Visible
Vacuum and Pressure Switch VSi makes Vital Process Data Visible

The new electronic VSi vacuum and pressure switch from Schmalz measures and monitors low and excess pressure in automation and handling systems. The digital VSi switch can be integrated into existing systems with minimum effort via IO link. The recorded status data reaches control level rapidly via the IO link interface. For the system operator, that means more transparency, diagnostics and parameterization and shorter response times in the event of faults or errors.

You can choose between a pressure, vacuum or combined version, depending on your application. An integrated or external operating display visualizes the data. The compact sensor unit can be installed in the system independently of the display (directly on the suction cup, for instance). In decentralized vacuum systems in particular, that makes it much easier to monitor the process. The exact measurement is then taken in the middle of the process when the reading is at the suitable point: in the view of the user. Settings like switching points can be adjusted with the external operating and display element and transferred to other switches – the same also applies to switches that do not have a display and buttons.

Users can also effectively carry their display in their pockets if they have an NFC-compatible smartphone. Thanks to Schmalz's innovation, users can exchange data over short distances using near field communication. The necessary point-to-point contact between the switch and smartphone ensures access to the desired device even without a power supply. The energy required to do so is supplied by the smartphone. That allows the user to receive important service and maintenance information directly on his or her mobile end device, such as serial and order numbers or operating instructions in the event of faults.

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