Vacuum Gripping Systems

Vacuum gripping systems delivered ready for connection – Schmalz provides innovative, integrated solutions for a diverse range of applications. The Schmalz product range covers vacuum gripping system from large-area and layer gripping systems to ready-assembled vacuum spiders.

Large-Area Vacuum Gripping Systems FXC/FMC

Large-area gripping system FXC/FMC for handling of doors

The large-area vacuum gripping systems FXC/FMC are used in almost all automated processes. Automated palletising, depalletising, commissioning and sorting of all types of goods with varying dimensions and materials – large-area vacuum gripping systems FXC/FMC are the answer.

Large-area vacuum gripping systems FXC/FMC

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Large-Area Vacuum Gripping Systems SBX

Large-area gripping system SBX for handling of timber

The powerful vacuum beam SBX is the ideal solution for the handling of very rough and warped wooden objects and for the handling of pallets. Handling of complete layers of cut wood, sheets, laminated beams, steel beams, building wood and many other things is no problem for the large-area vacuum gripping systems SBX.

Large-area vacuum gripping system SBX

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Vacuum Layer Gripper SPZ

Vacuum layer gripper SPZ for handling of cardboard boxes

The handling of products stacked in layers, either singly or together, and of the separators and pallets presents a major challenge. The layer gripper SPZ, with its very modern valve and flow technology, sets new standards as a universal gripper for such tasks.

Vacuum layer gripper SPZ

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Vacuum Suction Spiders SSP

Vacuum suction spiders SSP for handling of wood

With the vacuum spiders SSP, Schmalz offers a complete modular system of vacuum grippers made up from individual components for almost any application.

Vacuum Suction Spiders SSP

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